Life lessons from a dog

I always try to have a positive outlook on life. However, at times I find myself getting lost in a moment of drama that is usually something trivial being blown out of proportion. I sometimes wish I could be more carefree, and be better at letting things go.

I watched my dog playing in the garden. He is so easily pleased. You throw a ball for him, and his tail starts frantically wagging in excitement. He then explores the surroundings, sniffing every scent he could possibly find. He seems to live in the moment. That’s when it struck me that perhaps I should try to take some life lessons from my dog. After reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle I have begun to increase my awareness and try to live in the present moment. My dog has mastered that art perfectly. He explores every inch of the garden as if he had never seen it before.

Another great characteristic, which my dog seems to have a better grasp of than me is forgiveness. If he gets told off, he doesn’t sulk or behave any differently afterwards. He carries on as if nothing has happened. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just have a shake, and then that would be that? There would be no overanalysing or replaying pointless scenarios in our heads. What done is done, and now let us enjoy the present moment.

I then began to question whether his easy going personality, where not much about life phases him was due to his lower intellect. Perhaps, but in dog terms, he actually is quite clever. He learns tricks pretty quickly and remembers them. He learns people’s routines and then waits ready when he knows it’s time for him to be let out. So, I would say he probably does have the ability to sulk should he choose to, but he doesn’t. He would much rather wag his tail and want to be stroked than to lie quietly in a corner, cursing the people in his life. So I will try to have a more laid back approach to life. I will be looking up and appreciating the scenery, as if I have never seen it before and I will try to let things go. If my four legged friend can do it, then so can I!