Why I began to write

I never really considered myself as a writer. I was always more interested in science than languages, but after I began working I used writing as a creative outlet. During my university years I worked with people who suffered from disabilities, which gave me some insight into the effect it had on their loved ones. Writing this book has been completely out of my comfort zone, not only because I never considered myself as a writer, but because I knew very little about human rehabilitation post spinal trauma (or rap music for that matter). I thoroughly enjoyed researching the topics of this book, and feel liberated through the process. I was inspired to start writing due to a pay discrepancy disagreement at my work as well as recent deaths of wealthy celebrities. I loved reading books like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which I find hugely inspirational. I hope that by writing the type of novel that I would like to read, I managed to relay an overall message of there being a higher purpose in life.

The story I have written entails topical political concepts (including conscious capitalism, equality and animal welfare), dealing with acquired paraplegia, the power of the mind as well as scenes of a sexual nature.

Debating current affairs, perhaps controversially at times, plays a vital role in this novel. I hope that the story teaches us not to show prejudice, not only towards people in wheelchairs, but people who portray a certain image through their appearance. I feel that talking about people with disabilities, especially about their sex lives is often a taboo subject, and I hope that this book will spark a more open debate. I also want to highlight the importance of having a well balanced life. One in which we are not obsessed that money is the sole answer to happiness.